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A Million Love Letters to Black Girls

In this season we are going into the deepest depths.

We are climbing to the highest peaks. We are pushing past every limit.


We insist on a future where black girls are free. We refuse to relegate black girls to the current conditions.

We channel black girlhood as a dream unfolding itself into future. 

We join the endless work Black women have always done to make life more possible for black girls. We continue the legacies of life-making we have inherited. this work and this project of 1 million love letters so black girls is done in honor of all of our ancestors whose names we do and don't know. Thank you Octavia. Thank you Bell. Thank you Toni. Thank you Maya. Thank you Jamaica. Thank you Assata. Thank you Ntzoke. Thank you. In true black feminist fashion we follow your lineage of taking the ugliest parts of life and turning them into the most beautiful things. We take this messy destructive world that continues to harm and make black girls unsafe and turn it into a place of beauty and possibilities.

Join our black feminist alchemist revolution of deep transformation. because we know, we believe, we insist that black girls are already free.


Join us in our efforts to send a million love letters to black girls across the African Diaspora. 

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Send a love letter to a Black girl

Black girls are flowers that deserve to bloom. - Glorianna Klyce

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